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TTGLOBAL supported 30-Hour Famine to fight against hunger in the World
TTGLOBAL supported the 30-Hour Famine organized by World Vision Hong Kong (WVHK). Upon donation to WVHK, our staffs also actively participated in this event. Being part of the 3,900 campers, gathered together to fast in bare feet for 30 hours to experience the unfavorable lives of starving children around the world and to fight against famine.

In the Famine camp, WVHK arranged a series of experiential workshops and guest sharing sessions to campers so that they could gain a better understanding of the plight of poverty and food crisis nowadays. Though experienced the lives of impoverished people, campers were more encourage to give more support to needy people.

30-Hour Famine is an educational and inspirational camping activity which has held for 30 years since it was first organized in 1984 in Hong Kong. The event has raised hundred of millions over the years to support the relief work of World Vision in Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone and many other countries.